Lengthy PP Study Guide for L2 Study Sessions

Passed Level 2 last June and just wanted to share my somewhat lengthy review slides with everyone.

Anyway, I realize just putting this together was the biggest aid in studying for the exam, but if it helps anyone else prepare for Level 2 this year I may as well pass it along. Putting together those pesky formulas in PP was a bit tedious, so even copying those into your review material might save you some time.

For me, this was especially helpful to have as a reference the last 2 months when I was working on practice problems and mock exams. Flash cards never work for me and I have a sort of photographic memory, so recalling the material from my slides helped a lot in this regard. Having just the material I wanted to memorize and recall in the same place was a lifesaver. And it also was a nice lunch break refresher for exam day as well.

There are maybe 110 useful slides (a few blank slides separate Study Sessions) and the slides don’t include any Ethics material. The notes are a little sparse on FSA and Equity (my stronger subjects), but should still include all the formulas you need to know.

The notes are especially detailed for Quant, Economics, Fixed Income, Derivatives, and Portfolio Management.

NOTE: This is based on the 2014 Level 2 curriculum

Hope this helps some Level 2 Candidates out. If a download doesn’t work just let me know and I’ll re-upload.

  • Marcus

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