less than 15 hours to go

less than 15 hours to go

We don’t need threads like these. But I understand :wink:

Well since we already have this thread… less than 14 hours to go…

13 hours excatly

I just did a test run of going to the website & even knowing the results won’t be there, my heart began to race…damn physological response…lol

dude, I just got the same feeling. I don’t want to flip out at work tomorrow if I fail…

nah, i’m gonna come to work late…so i know my results b4 i get on the train so if there’s an explosion on the 1 uptown line…around 9:05 know where it’s from…

haha, I take the 6 train every morning…unfortunately I can’t get in late tomorrow. A part of me just wants to check when I get home from work.

Just curious now that you know the date for results. Are you still interested in trying the registering for next level or buying curriculum tricks for results? Just try to register for level 2 and see if you can. If you can, it probably means you passed. The trick will only work few hours before the official results.

registration is shut down for next day or so i believe

My friend took tomorrow off! I was so close to do so

9 hours to go

We’ve made it to the day officially… Just 9 more nail-biting hrs to go…

Anyone who wants his or her name remembered on AF can start a new post now: Post your 2007 DEC results here!

The one who get’s the result 1st should be the one starting this thread.

Good luck to all of you. I am hopeful, though not optimistic. It’s out of my hands now (insallah) . See you in the morning.

8 hours more :S Damn really getting nervous now

Best of luck to you all

Good luck everyone!

7 hours left… i can’t sleep. i’m pretty sure i failed, but i feel like i need this closure…