Less than 4 yrs work experience

I passed Level III this year… I currently have 26 months of relevant work experience…so another 2ish years to go before I can be awarded the charter. Do I HAVE to join the CFA institute as a member now or can I join two years later when I have the work experience?

I am in a similiar situation as syd_re: Do I have to pay the annual fee to become a member (but not chartered)? I have 5 years of experience and 2 years are not likely to be counted. Thanks for the suggestion!

I am going to write level III nextyear and have 0 exp… : (

I am writing Level III next year and I have 10 months experience (not from current job). I am in an actuarial role so I need to switch ASAP.

I’m in a similar situation, maybe even worse. I was an analyst 10 years ago for 10 months as a consultant. My records don’t show up on their databases so its almost impossible to prove that I worked there. dmoxson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am writing Level III next year and I have 10 > months experience (not from current job). I am in > an actuarial role so I need to switch ASAP.

you can join and pay dues as an affiliate member until work experience is met. you will have access to the job board, publications, etc. if you arent looking for a job or if your employer doesnt pay dues its not worth joining right away. But if your employer will pay your dues then i say go for it

Thanks, hausm49008. Can I submit my working experience - 3 yrs of current experience and 2 yrs before that are not likely to be counted. and do I have to pay the due yet for the process for evaluating my exp? If the 2 yrs exp doesn’t count, I will not ask my employer until I reach 48 months which is next sept with my current postion/company. Thanks!

No dues are required until they approve sufficient work experience (and even then, they’re only due if you want to use CFA after your name… oops, that was a noun… use the CFA designation after your name). If you want to be an associate member of the institute, you just have to sign a form promising to be ethical, get two people to sponsor you, and pay up. The main benefit I can see is the job board, and possibly CFA Magazine, but I guess there’s other stuff too.

Hand:) Me too.

siushun, If you have 5 years of experience, I would submit it all and see what happens. There is a chance they will accept it and then you are good to go. What do you have to lose? Just make sure to frame the experience in the way the CFAI wants to see it. When I became a member a few years back, I didn’t have enough months but I wanted to make sure that my current experience was going to count. If not, I was going to look for a new job.

They want you to submit the experience before your 4 years is up so when you current job is approved the only step needed is to upgrade your membership and mail out the charter.