Less Than 48 Hours to Go

Since many of you will check out of AF for the next two days, I thought I’d send good wishes and some final advice before then. Try not to stress out the last two days. At this point, if you’ve been studying all along, this last two days should be used for final polishing and making sure you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to perform to the best of your capabilities. So here goes.

  1. This is not a time for learning NEW material - instead try to CONSOLIDATE what you’ve already done. So, for the most part this means review. If you have it, Secret Sauce (or some similar resource) is a good idea.

  2. Review Ethics- it’s probably the most foreign topic for most, and giving it one more go makes sense. I don’t know if it is still the case, but CFAI used to overweight Ethics if you were right at the MPS. Even if it’s not the case, it’s a weighty topic.

  3. Skim over the “Blue Box” material one last time

Finally, make sure you’re rested for the exam. Many will have a hard time sleeping Friday. So, get a good night’s sleep tonight. As I mentioned before, being even a bit sleep deprived can significanlty degrade academic performance, and even more so on an exam with a lot of curveballs. The eveidence seems to be that there’s a cumulative effect of sleep deprivation, so getting a good night tonight can go way long way towards mitigating a bad night tomorrow.

At this point, you’ve put the time in. I used to run long distance competitively and my coach would take great care to make sure we didn’t overdo it the last couple days before the conference (or state) championships. He used to say that at that point, there wasn;t much you could do to IMPROVE, but a lot that you could do to hurt yourself.

And most of all, as Douglas Adams would say, “DON’T PANIC”.

Good luck, and I’m looking forward to hearing the success stories.

Hi sorry what do you mean by the blue box materials. Do you mean the stuff in the CFAI books?

Thanks in advance.

Anything highlighted in the CFA materials.

The examples in the CFAI textbooks…they use to be blue boxes. I think we need to change to gray boxes at this point.