less than 48 hours

after work on friday i went directly to the bar and coated myself with a light buzz that i successfully maintained until now. i did this to delay the budding realization that, come Tuesday, my result will be marginal. i am sh***ing bricks with no concrete understanding of which side of the cut I fall on.

anyone else in my boat???

I’m sure most people feel that way dude, just take it easy, nothing to be done till Tuesday.

Late Tuesday morning is a bad time to get results. If I could handle it, I would wait until the evening so that I could be somewhere more appropriate. I think that the best release would be a Saturday morning. That would give everyone some time to process their results.

Agree, a Saturday release would be much better than potentially taking bad news at work.

I felt good after the exam, but now am full of doubt as to weather i did enough to pass. Cant wait for tomorrow!

I get sweaty palms every time I think about Tuesday am!

I’ve already accepted that I failed… I was on the fence about passing or failing after the AM session… The PM session sealed the deal on me failing.

I remember asking girls out via Facebook as a teenager - That moment when you press send and then you have to wait for a yes or no…That’s the exact feeling I have in my stomach right now, waiting for the results.

Results are released here at 3 pm (CET) right in the middle of the work day…

Result will be release at 9pm in my country. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day for me.

Release at 16:00 in SA! indeed what a long day its going to be. And to make matters worse have an all day meeting that drags forever :sob: :sob:

According to this topic, it seems that we must wait for at least one hour more. This one hour will be surely not easy.

And another topic haha :grin:


Yeah, and we should expect other topics, some kind of less than 24h or less than 1h :stuck_out_tongue:

Just under 30 hours to go. I cant seem to focus on anything else besides that exam result

If I pass, I swear I’ll run 5km under 25m30s by the end of this summer :slightly_smiling_face:.

so tense!

I received level I pass in 2015 +35 minutes to set time and level II fail in 2016 +120 minutes to set time. Gmail.

We all got troll by CFAI this January. Expected result publish time is 10PM in my country. At 10.15PM, CFAI tweeted that the result will be delay for another 3 hours due to “technical” issue.

Expected IST is 1830 but still I got the result around 2030 for June 2016 Level 1