Less than 50 days to go - have NOT started studying...

My company is launching a new risk management system in a month, many requirements going in and I am overseeing the release of this project - very busy… I don’t think I have time to start studying until November. How is your study progress so far…any places that seems difficult to grasp?

i am on the same boat…still on high afetr recieing CFA charter…i think it was mistake to regiter for FRM this…i should have given my self a break!!!

I will begin in early October. Have only read book 1 and 2 thus far. Will have to see how it develops.

Just got through 100 pages of book 3, completed 1 & 2. I suggest ppl start soon, at least by reading through the material. I find this is alot different from CFA in that almost 80% of the material involves some type of advanced statistical analysis. These concepts may not be understood in a short time frame, and may require a re-read. I’m going hard from this point forward. Plan to finish learning and reviewing by end of October so I can dedicate November to practice questions.

I think if you’ve registered for it you should at least give it a shot, especially those who’ve passed L2 of the CFA.

well im in the same boat. I barely touched the schweser books… i might at the very end just scrap that and go directly to the practice questions and see where I stand… brushing up some stuff along the way. good luck