Less than a month and I haven't finished the curriculum yet, am I at risk?

Hey guys,

I still haven’t finished the curriculum and now the clock is running. I am left with the 2 last books of the CFAI (Equity & Fixed Income, Derivatives & Alternative Investments), and well as the second half of FRA (Study session 8 & 9). I have gone through everything while writing notes and doing the EOCs, but feel like I have already forgotten everything. Yet, I am 70% confident that once I will reread my notes I will remember my readings. So my question is if I am going to be ok since there is less than a month left, haven’t finished the readings, and still have to go through the notes and summarize them even more and do the practice and mocks.

Thank you

You have some heavily weighted topics remaining. You need to get through the reading ASAP. That being said we all study differently and need a different number of mocks and practice. I’ve had less than a month to do practice problems and take mocks on level 1 and level 2 and I ended up being fine. I sat for December level 1 leaving me for the time crunch on level 2 and only had time to take a single mock for level 2… not at all how I wanted it and not how I’d do it again if I had the choice.

My point is the clock is ticking but you’re definitely not out of time. You need to get through the readings though and it might require extending your normal study hours to do it including before work, later after work, or potentially taking a few days off. I don’t remember the weighting’s exactly but I’m sure that equities and fixed are in the 15-25% range each for the test and FRA is also heavily weighted.

Good luck! I think you can do it, it’s just going to take max effort.

Thank you for your answer. I hope you I will. Actually I am not working so I can study up to 12-14 hours a day. But the thing is that I studied some of the reading from Schweser to be quick, and when I wanted to answer the EOCs many of the questions asked about some points not mentioned the study notes, so I got back to the official books, which are very heavily weighted but sill explain well. I spent yesterday the whole day just reading and understanding the first reading of equities which was full of theory and new terms. It twas very interesting but it took me the whole day when I was planning to actually study 3 readings a day. This is why I am freaking out a bit right now.

I studied solely schweser at all levels. It’s been good, but sometimes you have to be good at making adjustments and formulas and so on that cfa might teach you and schweser doesn’t.

Power through the readings and start hammering questions. Make notecards to help with formulas and definitions.

Your best bet is probably to just quickly read the notes and not spend too much time on small details. At this point, you don’t have the luxury to spend much more time on the readings. As PreDRaR66 said, just start hammering questions ASAP.

Yes, you’re at risk.

Ok guys thank you. I guess I should be done with the readings no more than this week. What advise can you give me as for the review?

I think it is too late now for passive review once you are done with the readings. Your focus should be EOC, Schweser questions if you have any and do as many mocks as you can. Do not try to memorize questions. Try to have a conceptual understanding of topics. Most concepts are interrelated, but there are so many different ways the CFAI can test you on them.

I guess I will just try to finish up the remaining readings ASAP, go through my notes and start with the ECOs and practice questions on the CFAI website and simultaneously review my weak points. I just want to finish the readings it’s frustrating.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing your practice tips. I am from Morocco and there is no CFA society here and therefore no support group of any kind, so I am kind of on my own trying to push this through.

There’s always a risk but I wouldn’t say you are completely screwed. I was in the exact same situation 2 years ago. My study method consists of reading the material, summarizing it by taking notes on things that either are completely new to me or things that are not intuitive. So similar to you, I found myself still studying the material with only about 2 weeks left before the exam. I took around 10 days off work and focused on reviewing at least a whole topic (e.g Quant, Econ etc.) per day while doing EOCs. Unfortunately I was left with only 1 day to do mocks and only managed to do 1 and a half.

TL;DR it’s different for each person but don’t feel discouraged, there’s still some time. If you’re currently working, I would strongly suggest taking couple of days off work.