Lessor Accounts -Operating Lease

Currently we (Lessor) finance the Vehicle to our client with option to buy the vehicle after 3 years and 5 years. All the liabilities on our side (Maintenance, Insurance, etc). Minimum period is 3 years.

Here,s the details are.

Total Value of Vehicles are (15 Nos X 8350 Cost for Each)=125,250.00

Revenue for 3 years, Per Month (262.500 Rent monthly X 15 Nos)=3,937.500

Total Residual Value After 3 years (Option to Purchase) = (4,175 X 15 Nos) =62,625/-

Revenue after 3 years, Per Month (for Extended 2 years) = (250 X 15 Nos)=3,750/-

Residual Value After 5 years (Option to Purchase) = (2,421.5 X 15 Nos) =36,322/-

As its operating lease as per ifrs 16, how to records in our books. We are in middle east and using the ifrs standards for our books