Lest we forget

Lots of talk here the last few days about wives and kids and the sacrifice that they have to make due to our CFA commitments. After getting my score this morning: 1. Went to get flowers for my wife. 2. Took my son to the beach. For those of us with families, it is to our great advantage to have people that hold the rest of our lives together and love us regardless of pass or fail.

Well said…never could have done it without the support/encouraging of my wife and family.

true… the cbok definitely took its toll.

Great job Skin. I’m sure your family is happy to have a dad and a husband back. As tough as it was on the family the wife is ready for me to get after it again whenever I’m ready. I’m trying my best to put this episode behind me and get back to focusing on real life…might take a few days but I’m heading in the right direction.

Greenspan i knowwill all emerge from this stronger…for the record i really get how much of a sacrifice this whole thing entails …working full time while tackling this is taxing…jus got to get get down n dirty with this thing next year cuz u know the cfai fights dirty …seriously u really have to prepared for the poorly worded tricky questions…i for one wantred to avoid their experimental 3 answers format …knowing them one of the question will be how much does the cfa level 2 book weigh in and out of shipping box? Next year ill be rdyt for the above quest