Let us open our portfolios!

My porto:
15% MSCI Emerging
85% MSCI World

CEO, how did your FX trading go?
Still alive or did the widow-maker take you out?

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Is anyone here actually actively managing 75+% of their assets?

FX is so last summer.

i mean i would if i could. but 40 percent for mine in spy index due to 401k and hsa. lowest fees.

My portfolio consists of 150 shares of TSLA and the rest is 100% in an Alliance Bernstein Large cap growth fund.

Their products are killer. I jam them into every client proposal possible.

What turned you into a shill, er, proponent of their products?

what your total net worth? 60k in 1 stock? granted its up a ridic amount so grats. also dont you own a house.

Tons and tons of shrimp cocktail.

Totally get it. That and steak dinners have turned many eyes blind to benchmark-less-fees results.