Let us open our portfolios!

A pretty cool exercise and we all have something to learn, even Ohai who is sadly MIA and probably mining gold with his 5x SPY etfs. My portfolio is as follow (I do very limited market timing or any other active management ■■■■):

50% MSCI World
15% MSCI Emerging
15% SPDR MSCI Small Cap US
15% SPDR MSCI Small Cap EU

Missed out on the bottom in 03/2020 but that’s just the life of a beta, right @Nerdyblop ?

Here’s mine. Mostly buy and hold. I’ve been selling recently, not much maybe 20k ish. But i am getting antsy ince i have too much cash. I’m planning on dropping 25k to 50k to real estate crowdfunding because TINA. Over time, id like to convert my assets to real estate, even the iras, the roth, and the 401k via sdira or a solo 401k. but i want to do it slowly.

that doesnt really tell us anything. moar transperancy of the compoundin’

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VFIAX - 40%
VMBSX -15%
VDADX - 15%
VMMSX - 10%
VGHCX - 10%
VEVFX - 5%
Individual stocks / options / stuff - 5%

Now, the real estate is your house, correct? Like, the equity you have in your house?

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Yep net equity

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Yeah ■■■■ I only disclosed stocks.
I have 27,500 in RE
65,000 in cash
the rest are in stocks.
total about 160k. yeah, still a beta but it’s not where the horse starts but where it finishes.


as my homie ti said.
So nowadays, they can call me old-fashioned
But it’s way too much cash to see blue lights flashin’
So I guess the moral of this here class is:
Life about who make it, not about who make it the fastest
Drive slow homie

Home equity is not included for QP status, food for thought.

I’m currently 50% SSO, 30% vmot, 20% igsb in my discretionary. I have like 6 401ks but they are mostly 50% sp500 50% international

I have about 20% of my networth in rental real estate and have about another 20% in a gym I bought during Covid

[quote=“rawraw, post:12, topic:135281”] I
have about 20% of my networth … in a gym I bought during Covid
Ay man, when it’s time to make space for new equipment… hit ya boy (me, obv) up.

Haha doubt you’d want most of it. It’s a gymnastics geared gym

lol yd u keep multiple 401k? u never turned to ira or at least rolled them over? i had a problem with too many accounts b4. and consolidated the ■■■■ out of them.

Mostly inertia. I need to consolidate them at some point. At least the ones that are no different. I have one with funds I wouldn’t have access to elsewhere.

30% Large /Mega with likes of MSFT, JNJ, PEP, ZBH and others
20% Cash

My equity break down is as follows:
iShares EMIM 15%
iShares World Acc 50%
SPDR MSCI Europe Small Cap 15%
SPDR MSCI USA Small Cap 15%

Please don’t piggy back me on every trade!

my 401k looks like this:

LSMIX - 20%
FCNTX - 25%
HACAX - 25%
PRILX - 15%
SSSYX - 15%

my brokerages have way too many positions and strategies to list.

It is mistake to roll over. I did it, and now i can’t backdoor Ira.

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