Lets Hug It Out....

Have not posted since the news… The thought of writing this makes me want to stab myself with my TI BA2Plus. But b/c of this f’n exam I will not be able to advance in my current role (its mandatory where I work). That is brutal. I’m no idiot, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as per preparing for this exam. I can see myself doing the exact same thing last yr (read CFAi books, read Scwhwser, make notes, write a ton of practice exams, etc) and still fail. Oh, and I was getting north of 70% in practice exams (including CFAi online ones) the weeks leading to the exam. How are others dealing with this? And Dinesh failing makes me think I couldn’t pass this exam if I brought an Asian kid with me…

Sorry to hear that 3 L’s. That’s really f’n lame of your employer. I’m back for round 2 as well. Don’t know what I would have done differently other than have a better day of testing. Won’t happen again next year and you’ll get past round 2 as well. A question or two here or there and you would have been on to L3.

You guys may not need to significantly adjust your study methods. Time is on your side. You have an opportunity to achieve the level of understanding of this material that will dramatically reduce your chances of making reckless mistakes or allowing yourself to be mislead by CFAI trickery. You’ll particularly value this luxury of time if you were December 2007 LI candidates and raced to prepare for LII this year. You’re also more familiar with the structure and language of the exam, whose difference from LI can hardly be overstated. For example, you may have noticed that certain types of vignettes (e.g. FSA) are more likely to deliberately scatter important instructions/clues throughout the vignette. I think the structure of the LII exam is as significant a barrier as the material itself. Among the behaviors that will lead to a PASS, I think patience during the exam is important and often overlooked by candidates. In LI you’re racing through a high volume of questions, but at LII you’ve got to slow it down a bit and recognize that you really do have time to consider each question. I think CFAI is counting on us to make some impulsive responses and race along to the next question. Anyway, good luck guys, once you get over your disappointment from this year, you’re going to gain a more positive attitude that’ll help drive you to crush it in 2009.

something is not right in the world if you didn’t pass. dealing- i’m trying to think of ways to sneak an asian kid in next year without them catching me.

I’m asian and I still failed…i guess i should be extra sad :frowning:

3_letters you are gonna b*tch slap the exam this year. No need for an asian kid. I am asian and that didn’t help either. Good luck!

lads and ladies, do this biatch for me in 2009…my boss said flat out (actually, he said it 8 times in a 1/2 hour meeting) that if I chose to take the exam over building my portfolio it would NOT be a good career move. maile is officially bowing out until June 2010… I promise to cheer from the sidelines and hope to see NONE of you (esp Zim, Bassinja, 3L, GMofDen, dinesh) in 2010! (and I will be back, I hate to fail…and besides, my father told me that he’d disown me if I didn’t pass it!) Good Luck! (and to the newbies, check your egos at the door and listen to these folks, it IS as hard as they say)

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m on the same boat, I spent tons of hours, I was > doing above the 70’s on pratice and cfa mock exam > as well.Still failed. > I will use the same approach execpt this time I > will focus more on Ethics (averaging 90 on qbank > doesn’t mean you are prepared for cfa sneaky > questions), Economics ( get prepared for BOP > tricky questions) and PTF management (I’ve guessed > the six questions during the exam and my guess > were unfortunate) > > Good luck gents Congrats to you for trying out again. Just keep in mind that there will be a tricky session that most ppl are unable to get. In 2007 there was treynor black, and last year it was the BOP. Doesn’t matter how much you study, there will be a small section they will take away from you.

Maile good luck building that portfolio up. Look forward to you passing this byaaatch 1 year delayed. Seems like an odd demand from your boss but at least you’ve got a job in all this chaos.