Lets invest in a zoo with these animals


I want to know whether this zoo will be in Denmark, as this would matter to my exclusive clients.

You can see Okapi right now at the Philadelphia Zoo. If I recall the sign correctly, they’re closely related to giraffes.

That would be a pretty small zoo.

In case you didnt know denmark has one of the highest rates of part time employment amond developed nations,one starts to think what is taking up so much of their time

The author of that article should be flogged: I’m quite sure that the thorny devil’s thick, thorny spikes don’t protect it from _ prey _.

Maybe the ants are freaked out by the spikes and forget to bite.

OMG i would love to see some of these animals live!

I would pay to go visit a zoo with only rare animals, some of them do look like from pre-historic times.

Before I clicked on this link, I thought it was gonna be a picture of the Baltimore rioters.

Goodness, half of the posters on here belong in the zoo with how ignorant you people truly are. Who enjoys going to zoos anyway? “Yeah look at that elephant enjoying the last years of his magnificance to serve your limited attention span”. I will not invest in any business that wastes away life, any life, for such a trivial and undervalued service.

Tnank You, Good Day.

Do you eat meat? Well then, you have invested in a business that you described. You think those cows that make up your hamburger run free in the wild? They are enclosed in a space similar to a zoo.

^Well actually they live in a far more confined space relative to their size,than some elephant in the zoo.In fact even at the organic joints they turn the lights up making the cows think its daytime when its not in fact.The cows eat and eat making them gain weight so the time they are "invested in"would be reduced.

sweet lovin

cats crack me up so much

Cat on Cat violence, when will it stop?

I was really expecting someone to get their throat ripped out. #disappointed

Dude how is that cat skydiving?!

^ Sadly, no cats were hurt or killed. It was greenscreen.