lets make a database of most difficult/trick questions

for a last minute review i think it would be a good idea to have a compilation of all the triky questions , as they are the most expected in exam

It would be nice to have this as a study tool. My thought would be to create a word document once this thread starts moving and add to it as new questions are posted.

great thinking, what types of questions do you guys want, schweser, cfa, ?

why don’t you guys just start asking questions instead of talking about how to organize something that you don’t even have yet?

You could also browse the topics posted in May, many questions were covered then.

Topher, Thanks for posting an insightful question for us to add to the list. Grimer is on to it, there were a lot of tough questions posted before the June exam.

Hi guys, please include any questions u think u had most difficulty in understanding doesnt matter where is comes from(schwser, cfa text,sample questions etc). so far i had problem in fsa cfa text book reading 35 question 4. by the end of july i would have all the questions in quant in fsa ready . my plan is to keep november free and revise again and again the questions i had diffulty solving in.