Let's open our portfolios!

I would be interesting to see what kind of positions others have. Share you portfolio and position weights if you want. I’ll go first :


50% is iShare Core MSCI World ETF

10% iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

10% SPDR MSCI Europe Small Cap Value Weighted ETF

10% SPDR MSCI USA Small Cap Value Weighted ETF

10% Global Top Pharma mutual fund

A small position in Global Cord Blood Corp (CO) and Lockheed Martin (LMT)


Cash saved up for bear market and possible real-estate/apartment investment.

did you draft an ips for yourself?

Yeah I did. It doesn’t meet the CFAI standards for an IPS but it’s still an IPS.

i do a core-satellite strategy combined with market timing and hedging… right now its basically 30%SPY, 30% QQQ, 25% in about 10 stocks, and the rest in a couple bond ETFs… i avoided a big part of move lower since October but got back in under S&P 2450… really tricky right now…

What’s your cash reserve size compared to your equity investments?

Just went from 80% invested in equities (70/30 US and exUS) to 20 % invested in equities (what remains is high dividend blue chip etfs) as I am currently very spooked about what the next 6 to 12 months holds. While I believe in the buy and hold inevitability of superior returns in stocks if there is a possibility of bypassing substantial downside performance I love what that can do as well to returns over time.

Not suggesting that I or anyone can time the market but just need to catch my breath on the sidelines for a bit and see what the apparent cyclical and fiscal/monetary and slowing growth state and global dysfunction is about to bring.

Now to find someplace to park the money :slight_smile: Leaning toward liquid floating rate debt debt instruments.

60/40 Active passive baby

I’m j/k - I have like maybe 10K to invest - and even then I can’t invest as freely as I want to with my job.

Isn’t there a ton of overlap buying world fund then buying regional funds?

yes. but you can think of it as overweighting those regions. like for world, about 10% is proly in small cap, so with that portfolio you got 5% in small cap, so buying an additional 10% in small implies a 15% weight on it.

Shouldn’t be too much. MSCI World is mainly Large Cap in developed economies.

In general I am in about 50% leveraged etf for domestic exposure and then value rules based etfs for foreign exposure (shareholder yield etc) And periodically I put on single stock picks, but only when they seem obviously too cheap. And that doesn’t happen very often in the markets