Let's Switch It Up - What topics are you hoping get tested?

Hey everyone, hope your studies are getting better now that we are deep into crunch time. There seems to be a lot of negativity going on lately (for good reason - this test is a killer)… Let’s shift away from that and get into a topic thats a bit more light hearted focusing on the things we feel good about to help calm the nerves… What topics are you praying that the CFA test writers have put on the test this year?

For me, I’m hoping for the following:

CF and PM & Ethics getting a max allocation.

Equity sets focusing on FCFE/FCFF and valuations based off these principles

Anything to do with Currency translations in FRA

Quants in the ANOVA table

Triangular Arbitrage and Currency Exchange Rates

If I get all these topics on the test I’ll (hopefully) be in good shape. What are you all hoping for?

Might be an outlier but quant, since this is almost second nature to me, I’m feeling reasonably good about FRA, Econ, Fixed income. Not so much for Alt, Corp, derivatives and PM since I’m just about to revise these topics. Ethics, well, I think even being allowed to answer with an open book on the exam might not even guarantee me a pass. Ethics is evil.

FRA, Equity, Derivatives, Quant & AI getting max allocation.

Econ and FI getting min. Or FI being tested only on binominal trees. Of course, that’s not going to happen, I shall put additional hours for FI this weekend *sigh*

Equity, AI, Derivatives (esp. Options), FRA, Econ - FX

Please no Quant max. allocation. If that happens, I’ll fail.