Lets toast tonight in...

So I already posted this in Hookup but it somehow does not get attention. (Sorry, for the post in the L1 forum). Is anybody interested in getting together tonight for a couple of beers in NYC (Wednesday, Jan. 23rd)? Location: Needs to be discussed… Lets celebrate the results. :slight_smile:

Will be doing exactly the same in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tomorrow is going to be a nasty nasty hangover day. Enjoy, NYC !

niiiice, Edinburgh is such a fun place :slight_smile:

I’m going to St. Andrews, 44th between 5th and 6th I want to say, with a buddy of mine who also just passed. Huge selection of great beers.

lol too much joy, too few local buddies!

oops, Had I seen this thread earlier … I got wasted yesterday night at NYC with so much of cola intake all nite (already caught the 'cola’junctiveites…). I got back today morning to JC. While I took the E line from WTC to 53rd and Lex and was on my way walking to 56th and 2nd, I heard a cute voice, remixed to my ears, along with the 50-cents(In the club) lyrics from my iPhone line-out, ‘Mr’ is all what I could hear from the tarnished green SUV, she popped off a piece of paper and she was Sarah, writing read massage service (or something) … I pondered and I let her go. The whole point being 'How the hell she knew that the results were out and PASSers are looking out for some Massage’… lololol - Dinesh S