Letter of Resignation...2

Gents, so I’m starting to get a little worked up about turfing my current shop. I mean people leave all the time and stuff from big bank owned shops but this is a micro-brewery and a lot of these people I have a great deal of affection for. Normal? Willy

I heard CIBC WM is hiring. Good Luck!

showing emotion? Loser!

Should I plant one on the hottet babe in the shop as I leave? Willy

Willy, I’m in the EXACT situation as you - possibly worse. Another opportunity came up recently - I wasn’t even looking - and they just shot me an offer last evening (a really good one too). Since they’d like me to start asap, I have to let my guys know today. What sucks is my team has only 4 people. My senior mgr is going on maternity come June 20th, which leaves me as the main person to cover her role. If I leave as well, that basically cuts the team down to 2 guys, and it’s next to impossible to get the work done. Also, I too realize that I’m being severely underpaid in comparison with the market reference for my job, and I know that these guys are just playing a game, by having me as a contract full time employee. Part of me wants to be a bad ass and just drop it like it’s hot, but the other part of me realizes that I’d be putting them in a ridiculously hard position. What a crazy dilemma. I’ve never been so tensed about anything. It’s just going to be so hard walking up to them (snr mgr + director), and dropping the ball, but it has to be done. I’m hoping to let them know right after lunch. Good luck with your announcement too. I figure you’re from TO as well. I’m with one of the Banks that released their results on Tuesday.

Let them know of your situation and ask for a pay level say 20% higher than the offer you have been given, and see if they will meet you half way between your offer and +20%. It’s just business.

Knowing the bank I work for, that is guaranteed - impossible. The offer I have received puts me almost +15K from where I am at the moment. That figure is around +5K greater than what a senior analyst makes here (Bank). The position I have received an offer for is an Analyst position. LOL! If they do however pull that tactic out of desperation, it would be interesting to see how it goes…

So you’d go from Associate to Anlayst? Is it with another good firm? What u waiting for?

I’m an analyst in my current position as well. I report directly to the Senior Mgr & Director. It’s a weird hierarchy here…


He’s not a ER analyst - must be another type of work. I’d make the move Kevin - you know banks employ 50,000+ people right? You’re just a number, and trust they wouldn’t care and fired you if they needed to even if your wife was 7+ months pregnant

I’m with Alayle. You would be terminated in a heartbeat if it meant improving the bottom line. These companies don’t care about their employees–they care about making money. Screw them and take the offer.

If your fair value is at least +15k higher, I don’t see why you should under value yourself. You gotta mark yourself to market

So today was my 1-year service award thingee. It was really nice. The Prez gave me my fancy one year pen with the “Willy R” engraved right smack dab in the middle and my fancy “Congrats on the 1-year of Service Willy” diploma. It felt very bad being all fake and like “Oh thanks Bob, it’s so great to be working at this company”, when I know that on Tuesday I’m basically going to drop the bomb. Then again, it’s a fact that part of me is saying “Look, you guys knew…KNEW…that you got me for a discount”. But still, I feel for these people. I definitely established some great relationships and a lot of the staff really don’t know what they are doing. But Kevin your situation is pretty crazy as well. I advise that you think about YOU first and everyone else 2nd. Believe me, if things got tight there, they wouldn’t flinch in having to give you the big “FU” so why should you be so concerned about what they have to do. If Management is being cheap and NOT preparing for the fallout of being cheap by having back-up staff on hand, that’s really not our problem, we’ll move on. Its the exact opposite of having a job that pays too much, the management fires you. Halifax: no I’m a PM now and I’m taking on a Senior PM and VP role. I’ve been working for nearly ten years. TEN. To get this kind of opportunity and I’m taking it. Sorry current employer, it looks like your services are no longer required. Come to think of it, this is going to feel good. I hate to be an arrogant arse, but this is Bay street. Welcome to reality. Willy

Thanks a lot for all the support and advice guys. I finally “dropped it like it’s hawt” :stuck_out_tongue: Surprisingly, they reacted really well. They weren’t shocked or freaking out. The Director even said that he’d talk to the VP and see if they would consider beating the offer. So that’s still a possibility I guess, but in terms of my career goals, I believe that accepting the new position would be the wisest move. I’m actually an analyst within Asset Liability Management. The new position is on the Buy Side as a Portfolio Analyst (basically performance measurement and attribution + fixed income pricing/valuation). It falls under the Market Risk Mgmt division. Haha Willy, I can totally relate to you. When it’s all said and done, it comes down to business. A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Enjoy your weekend guys!

take the job. grab your nuts and walk out singing… ‘everyday im hustlin’

Alayle Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > He’s not a ER analyst - must be another type of > work. > > I’d make the move Kevin - you know banks employ > 50,000+ people right? You’re just a number, and > trust they wouldn’t care and fired you if they > needed to even if your wife was 7+ months pregnant You couldnt have said it better. Theres only 1 person you have to look out for in this world.

When you leave, hold up the west coast sign and scream “thug life”

even better, “I’M RICK JAMES, B!TCH!!!”

lol http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=lDrYMZx2m4Q