LEVEL 1 2008 material v. 2007

Would it be okay to study 2008 material from schweser for the December 2007 exam? I am planning on buying the secret sauce and other materials and I want the 2008 material so that reselling will be easier. I know the material is more or less the same, but I have been studying 07 material and just want to limit any chances for confusion. Thanks for any replies.


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I know this has been asked several times but I’m going to ask again anyway. I was due to take the Dec 2007 exam but due to unforeseen circumstances am not going to be able to… So i already have all the material for 2007 exam (Stalla) I have two questions Would it make a big difference if I used the old material (all official websites keep reiterating how important it is to use new material) Secondly a lot of advice on this forum says to use SCHWESER guides, which is better?? I was thinking of using my 2007 material in addition to the books i got from CFAI & SCHWESER vcds with the secret sauce… Any advice

I doubt anyone can give you a definitive answer. You might be able to pull it off depending on your background and how much time you spend to prepare.

Personally I wouldn’t risk studying from 2007 schweser material for the 2008 considering the amount of LOS that has changed. I haven’t studied in-depth to see how/what exactly the changes are so I can’t comment , as I imagine some changes are more minor than others, but I’d rather just spend the money on the newer material just so I don’t have the hassle of not knowing. There’s no way I’m risking failing the exam because I wanted to save myself a few hundred dollars. I guess you have to decide what’s important, or spend the extra time sifting through what’s ebeen excluded/changed/included and then find a way to somehow get a hold of what’s been changed/newly included…it’d be hard to make it a seamless transition. Besides, the 2008 material comes with the curriculum and if you actually saw the explicit warning CFAI has for people who are solely relying on the scwheser material, you should be worried. From the CFAI website: Beginning with the 2008 exams, the assigned CFA Program curriculum and one online sample exam is included in the exam registration fee, and the curriculum will be delivered to all candidates. This decision benefits CFA candidates, the CFA Program, and — we strongly believe — the profession itself. Candidates enrolled in the December 2007 exam still need to purchase the curriculum separately. This decision was made after extensive study, modeling, and the unanimous recommendation from the CFA Preparation Task Force, an external working group that convened in 2004 to address questions of candidate preparation and exam performance. The CFA Program curriculum is driven by a rigorous global practice analysis to determine the knowledge relevant to the profession. This body of knowledge drives the curriculum development process and the exam itself. The content in the curriculum is the sole source for exam questions. Yet for many candidates, the focus has shifted from mastering a body of knowledge to merely passing an exam. The current practice of allowing candidates to register for an exam without purchasing the curriculum sends the wrong message that studying the curriculum is optional. Some candidates even confuse third-party materials with the curriculum. This decision to provide the curriculum to all candidates was, in part, based on these concerns." Take that for what it’s worth.