Level 1 Age distribution

Greetings to all , Here I compiled the results of the age survey from this forum and made a PDF. Feel free to download ( http://www.sreenimeka.com/pdf/l1age.pdf ). I have also other past exams in the same directory. ( http://www.sreenimeka.com/cfal1.php ). Good Luck with your exam.

Thank you very much!!!

Smeka-Thanks but man you are daring, how do you advertise a service competing with AF in their forum? Is it ethical? I hope you will read this before the thread is deleted, and good luck anyway.

Oh my good seems like average age is around 25 or so. I feel a bit discouraged since I am 42 and my age isn’t even on the chart : - (

good analysis, but a label for your Y axis seems necessary doesnt it??

Underwater, don’t get disappointed with age factor. It is not scientific but a random sampling. Most of the people who think they are older do not respond for surveys. In the meantime feel free to download free material I have on my site including my finance matrix. Joe, I am not competing with any site, In fact this site is the best for candidates. All I want is to contribute since I cannot attach files here and Since I have my own server where I can upload and share, I try to publish my URL once a while. By the way I completed level 1 after couple of Masters degrees and being many years in ERP world. So you may guess my age :slight_smile: Regards, Sreeni