Level 1 candidate in India?? URGENT!

I am planning to answer level 1 in June 2014 from India and I really wanted to know, how exactly do we get hands on the study material? surprise

I mean, if I select the ebook version, is it easily accessible (I heard some virtual bookstore software is used…does it need internet connection at all times to be accessed?)

Another thing, if I order the printed version, how long will it take for the material to reach me in India (approximately)? Most importantly is the entire process of getting the books easy? What hassles are faced?

I really need to know because I plan to start studying from Jan and iF I register by the end of this month, I dont want to waste time because of books arriving late.

I do have Dec 2013 Kaplan Schweser with me…considering using it as a backup for the level 1 in June :confused:

PS: I know that this question can be answered best by Level 1 candidates in India …really need some guidance…thanks :slight_smile:

If you have December 2013 Schweser, then just study it. I doubt Level 1 changes that much from year to year.

answer level 1? what answer?

L1 does change a little bit from y-to-y. But Greenman knows best as he took like 4 chances to pass each level…despite being the self proclaimed expert in all fields of education.

Please see Greenman post on ‘how to live life’ and you will become enlighted. May all the Gods bless Greenman our saviour.

ok this dint seem to help much :confused:

I meant “appear for/ sit for Level 1” :slight_smile:

You have plenty of time, start with the schweser 2013…wait untl the 2014 material comes out and the find hte difference in the LoS…and make sure you study those bits seperately.

The e-book versions are crap, not many people use them as the software is clunky. The hard copies will be with you in plenty of time and a day or so each way doesn’t matter in the scale of things.

If I were you i’d get your hands on some 2nd hand version of the 2014 schwerser material from ebay and use that, also drill through all the qbank. It should only take 3 months or so to pass L1.

The Printed Version is dispatched almost immediately after registration. You get it within a week in India. At least thats how it went for me each time in June 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I don’t expect any changes this year either! :slight_smile:

The eBooks are okay. I remember ordering those for L2. Each book was almost 800-900 MB large and printing even parts of it was a hassle. Don’t bother getting it. Prefer the print ones!

thanks a lot, guys! :smiley:


m also planning to give exam in june 2014. dont have nything to start with. may 2013 books this week. help what to do. how to get books and all.