Level 1 Chicago Proctors

What was with all the amish proctors? I thought I was going to see Mowes from The Office there.

Yeah, I noticed that. Kind of interesting. I hate the period when they are counting the tests and verifying everything. And the main proctor’s echoing voice. Annoying. I started trying to calculate how much the institute was making from out center but i didnt want to use my calculator to conserve the battery…lol. I’ll be damned if my one calculator died while trying to calculate some unimportant information…lol.(Approx 900k btw) I thought it was more organized that I imagined. That Javitz(sp) center sounds like a nightmare from the stories ive seen on this forum.

I saw a chick that looked like Cierra that was taking the test in Chi-town. Yo CC, you better CC me.

and to the OP, they were probably Hasidic Jews