Level 1 - Dec 08

Hello, I am Mukesh Kevlya, planning to give my level 1 in Dec 08, i have not yet started my studies can anyone please help me on how to go about it, how useful are the books of CFA and how effective is schewers I am in Dubai, UAE. If anyone of you wants to have a study group with me, i am open to the idea Regards Mukesh Kevlya

Hey Mukesh, I am writting my exam in Dec 08 in Abu Dhabi, but not living in UAE. I have roughtly started preparation - i will be using CFA books and Schewser. What about you?

I’m using CFAI books and Stalla. The CFAI books are very hopefully and the lectures that Stalla provides are awesome. Best to use Stalla or any study material in conjunction with the CFAI books. This is how I study, there are 18 study sessions. They say you should study a study session a week. So I started extremely early considering I’m taking the test in December as well but hey summer is coming so I’d rather be ahead so I have the time to take a day off here and there if need be. Plus I’d like to have the time to review all the material over and over again before the exam. So lets say each Study session has 5 chapters in it. After I finish a chapter inside a study session I complete the questions at the end of the chapter in the CFAI book, then I complete the questions for that section on the practice CD that stalla gives you. After I am completely done with the study session I watch the lecture then spend a day on reviewing the whole study session before moving on. I’m currently on the last study session in the Econ book right now. I complete all of this in a week. I study a lot on the weekends during the day because I still like to enjoy my nights and so I’m not that stressed out during the work week. I know this thread was long but I hope it was helpful. Good luck!

I am glad to see I am not the only one that got an early start on the December exam. Since it is only April, there is a real temptation to put things off and convince yourself there is plenty of time to study. Problem is, the weather is getting nicer, and it will be twice as hard to make those sacrifices on your time come the summer months. And then you will get to the fall and REALLY have to get serious. By taking your study regime seriously NOW, you will take a lot of pressure off yourself and be able to approach those last few months of crunch study and practice exams with a heck of a lot more confidence about your overall preparation. So start cracking those books, folks.

oh who else is giving exam in Abu Dhabi and not living in UAE? I havent registered for Level 1 exam yet. I am trying to make up my mind whether i should give exam in Dec 08 or June 09. If i chose Dec 08, then i will have to fly to Abu Dhabi as well. The idea of travelling for an exam is kinda freakin me out