Level 1 Dec 2014 results date?

Apologies if this should be widely known, but have searched on the CFAI site for a solid results date… All they give is a rough timeline stating results are released around the 8 week mark after the exam. Does anyone know if they have set a specific date yet, and if so what is the date? Cheers

The specific date would be communicated soon via personal mail (say next week).

Cheers, I’ll keep an eye out for it :wink:

Still nothing, I get impatient! indecision

From another thread:

"According to the CFA facebook page:

December 2014 Level I CFA exam results will be e-mailed Tuesday, 27 January 2015, after 9:00 AM EST

I wanted to take the live classes for Kapaln which start on the 22nd. Such a pain angry

I have a collegaue that received the email informing her of the January 27th results date but I did not receive the email. Does anyone else have this issue? If this is a problem I just want to figure out my email issues before the 27th. Thanks.

I have recieved the email too saying the result will be mailed by 9:00 am on 27-Jan

I received the email also. In the email, they confirm your email address that’s on file. If you didn’t receive the email, I would sign into your acount and reenter your email address (even if it’s the same as when you first gave it to them), or give them a call to see if you can verify the email they have for you.

I know it’s a classic reply, but check your junk mail. I hadn’t received my notification email, and I just checked my junk folder and bingo there it was…which is strange as all other CFA email correspondence has made it correctly to my inbox no problem. So yeah, check your junk folder and if it’s still not there then as mentioned above, perhaps give them a quick call.

^^ mine was also in junk mail.

i hate that it still seems so damn far away :*(