Level 1 December 2008 New York City

I guess not…

i’d like to join a study group, my email: christina600@gmail.com :slight_smile:

Hi, I am Somak, appearing for Level-1 in Dec 08 (like most others). Quite interested in a study group. Has anything started already in Manhattan? If yes, then kindly let me know. Downtown, midtown, North Jersey; anything is fine with me. My mail id is : somak_halder@yahoo.com At times I am online at somak.halder@gmail.com. Good luck to you all and hope to hear from you soon. -Somak PS: I am taking the Stalla weekly review course near Wall Street. Is anybody else from this forum going there ?

I live and work in Manhattan and just received the material, I would like to join the group. My email is foley.samuel@gmail.com.

I am interested. I work in Midtown - 52 and Madison…Live in Secaucus… shahravi123@gmail.com I have the Stalla Text Books… Thanks… Ravi Shah