Level 1 December 2008 New York City

Hey Guys just wondering if anybody would like to setup a study group in Manhattan for the December Level 1 exam. I got me the Stalla stuff and I am planning to start studying next week. Anybody interested drop me your e-mail and let me know. Thanks. Chris

I’d be interested. I just signed up yesterday and am waiting for the materials.

I’m interested as well. Maybe set something up at the Bryant Park Library? I’m going through ethics right now… kjo@bear.com

ahu@verticalcapital.com or alexander.f.hu@gmail.com i’m reading whatever they have online on ethics while i wait for them to send me my materials. how long does it usually take?

id be interested, however i live and work in the bronx, can we set something up for evenings

just to revive the thread… i’d imagine there are more than 4 people in nyc who are taking the cfa would like a study group. please do email me with availabilities and maybe we can get something going in mid june

Hey, bryant park library sounds like an ideal place to meet and study. I’m up for it. Did you guys set up any groups yet? I work and live in midtown and would like to start my study soon. minstayinalive@gmail.com Happy study! Min

Hey Chris, I am interested. I live in Weehawken but can defintely commute to the city. you can email me at ankur.abichandani@gmail.com are you Finance/Accounting background?

If I fail Saturday, count me in for this. :frowning:

I live in the Financial District, work in Midtown. Plan on purchasing Schweser. Does anyone know the best possible study aid package? email scott.vanvoorhis@gmail.com I would like to meet up from time to time schedule permitting.

My email is noreen.c.moy@wamu.net Please let me know the time and places and what sections id bring etc. I will see you all soon hopefully!

i work in downtown NY , let me know if you have any meeting schedule there. my email deep_all@yahoo.com

Hi All, I would like to join a study group. I work in Midtown around grand central and my e-mail - f.h.chowdhury@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you guys. thanks

Hi all, I’d like to join the study group as well. I work in Midtown and my email is oliwiasc@yahoo.com BTW, does anyone have MSN? Maybe we can chat online sometime. Please foward me any upcoming meetings. thanks a lot!!!

hey, did this start yet?? i just started studying a few weeks ago and have the stalla materials as well. keep me updated: bryan.dulog@baruchmail.cuny.edu

My email is Eric.Ngassa@gmail.com. I’m almost finish with the third book which is the Financial Statement Analysis and planning to start book 4 next week. I would like to join the group if that’s ok with you guys.

Hey, were any of you at the stalla fsa event held last night?

Is there a midtown study group or not what is the status of this? Help!

Hey oliwiasc I have MSN I’m already far with the studying about to start book 4 but if you want to chat on msn my screen name is erickevin72@hotmail.com. It always good to heard input from others.

Hello everyone, I’ve heard of some classes going on at manhattan for CFA prep, does anybody know abt it?