Level 1 December Canidates

Hi, This is my first post to this forum. Here is a little background, I finished my Bsc (hons) Degree in Economics this june. I also have a minor in Accounting and Finance and Maths. My Gpa was around 2.7 so I grasp of the subjects is studied in undergard is pretty average. I am sitting for the cfa level 1 exam this december. I am studying from schweser notes. i reading the books in order. I started in mid agust and i am currently on Binomial Distribution section of the book. which is about the 250 page mark in the book. I just wanted saty in touch with all other L1 dec canidates and see how much they have covered and just to motivate each other. So we can get through this togather. and lastly can anyone tell me if I am going too slow? I can study about 6-7 hours a day each day. Can all L1 candiates give a litle inro to themselves. how are they studaying and how much they have covered etc. Thanks Cheers

Welcome Floyd.

Floyd, there was already a post that covered this not too long ago. You are a little behind right now but if you 6-7 hrs to devote to studying everyday you should be fine. Good luck on the exam.

brainr, where should I be at the moment.? You are also giving L1? what is your progress?

Floyd! you got your work cut out my man…


My situation: I’m level 1, I started in May and I’m on Corporate Finance / Portfolio Mgmgt. I’m literally reading the CFAI books cover to cover. It may not be efficient, but the material is interesting and well written, and if I’m going to devote the time I want to know it well. Background : Bcomm Finance GPA 3.2 (3.4 finance only) average university

fxguy1234 where should i be at the moment? am i lagging too far behind?

floyd, at the moment you should study hard :wink: Ok, I have began my studies last week and I am sure that I will end the first book of Schweser by the end of these weekends. So it takes two weeks to study a book. I should be faster, because CFAI books are coming. :))

Freakshow Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My situation: > > I’m level 1, I started in May and I’m on Corporate > Finance / Portfolio Mgmgt. you are in the right direction…this is the best strategy in my opinion. nice, slow reading of the CFAI texts…