Level 1 Exam vs CFAI Mocks

For those who passed Level 1, how did you find the mocks the CFAI provides vs. the actual exam?

Most of the questions are easier than mock questions.

Some of them will be on random ass definitions from footnotes that you didn’t read. It’s ok though- if you did a decent number of mocks you’ll be good.

Overall though you’ll find the test easier than the CFAI mocks.

Agree 100% with this. If you’ve put in the work and have studied efficiently, you should be fine. The hard part is getting through the curriculum and grasping the amount of topics, etc. Some people may complain about the exam, but I thought both levels 1 and 2 were very fair and well written. You either know it or you don’t. If you do, you have an excellent chance at passing. Good luck.

adding to this , im sure one will not know everything. Not keep everything straight in your mind and not identify with every question. Hopefully I know enough to scrape through though. Biggest concern is eco’s.

I 100% disagree with this. I thought the mocks were way easier and I don’t know if it’s because I take the mocks in a less strict manner. However, I feel the mocks are 10% easier than the exam. I find the mocks to be far more fair to the content. The exam just feels obscure. I swear there were questions I thought “Why would you even ask us this, what purpose does this serve?”

I took the 2016 L1 exam and thought the actual was considerably(!) easier than the 6 or 7 mocks I took from Wiley, Kaplan, and CFAI.

Similar experience for L2 in 2017.

Not my experience for L3 in 2018. Actual exam difficulty was about as hard (or harder, considering nerves) than the average difficulty of all the mocks I took.

So, I suppose it depends on the year.

Trust the Process (yes, I am referring to the 76ers slogan)

Hello everyone ! Would you get me the answer? I prepared for December CfA lvl1. I took about 8-9 full mocks (schweser testbooks and official mock from the cfa site, schweser qbank), but my general score was always 60, except for qbank which was a little higher ~65-70. Assume, my score on the real exam exam will be equal 60%, where ethics is 65, other 50-60. I won’t pass in this case? What do you think about it? Thx for answers.

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