Level 1 in Charleston, SC

Guys, Anybody in the Charleston SC area taking their level 1 in June 08? Or is there a relevant society around this area? Thanks much…

CFAsurfer, Are you currently working at a money management/equity research firm in Charleston? I may be making a move down to that area, but haven’t been able to find much in terms of money management or mutual fund shops. I’m currently in sell side equity research. Unfortunately I can’t help you out with your question b/c I’m not from the area, but I appreciate any help you could give me… Thanks

CFAsurfer, I am in Charlotte and struggling to form a study group. If you are interested, we can orgnaize a study group on the basis of meeting somewhere in between Charlotte & Charleston, or take turns making the commute between both cities… Let me know Jimmy

CFAsurfer, There is another candidate who is from Charlotte, NC, and it might be very beneficial if we can set up something… Talk soon Jimmy

I signed up a week ago…living in Charleston…great to know there is someone here too…give me a shout and looking forward to studying together.

CFA Meet-up group former, Hi anyone from Dubai or Shj in UAE & that would be great to get in touch for CFA meet-up. I am looking for regular meet-up & study group. I have heard about both stalla and schweser. please advsie which one to go with. If anyone from this region pls contact. Bob


Hi I am in Charlotte and am interested in local study groups.