level 1 in dec and in a panic!

i sat for the level 1 exams in june while 7 months pregnant and didn’t pass, although in hindsight the exam didn’t look too hard. I was unable to sleep the night before due to anxiety hence was too exhausted to concentrate…i literally just sat there staring into space after my mind went blank but had to pretend and sit through to the end because i had many friends in the exam room and i didn’t want to make them anxious. I hadn’t prepared too well for it though…still had some issues with the fixed income segment and derivatives when going into the exam. Anyhoo, i got a beautiful baby boy in late July and he’s doing great but i’m not. I want to sit for the level 1 again in December and just got around to starting again yesterday and i am in panic mode. Any advice on how i should proceed? I’m using schweser and started off with FSA, then hope to move to QA then equity and fixed income but part of me thinks i should start with the derivatives i was having issues with then do fixed income and i’m back at work. Help? 48 days left.

I am pretty far behind myself… But I think it still can be done, i have the Schweser as well and I study 2 Books at a time, because sometimes i get bored of the same book so i switch whenever I feel like that… I’d say give it your best try, my biggest problem is I don’t want to cheat myself and study just to pass, I really think I should study to know that stuff well I have a some economic backround so that helps some Good luck

you’ve given me the psyche to carry on at full throttle. my background is in finance although once i started studying for the CFA, i realised just how shallow and basic my degree was. I do intend to use the curriculum as well for level 2, schweser came in handy for the level 1 because as time passed by, the curriculum became too daunting for me and i guess i was looking for the easy way out but i will refer to the curriculum for those areas that i feel i need extra help with. i didn’t know about this forum either…we dont have a CFA society in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa which is where i am so it is nice to be able to get info from fellow level 1 guys and know how they are coping. thanks a lot for the 2 book strategy, makes a lot of sense to beat the monotony. CFA level 1, here I come! Again!

njaroc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i realised > just how shallow and basic my degree was. I strongly suspect many of us feel our degrees were shallow and basic when facing the curriculum. I took level I in June, and found Schweser the on-line exams to be most useful; the answers and explanations are very well written. Alternatively, you may want to have a look at the QBank for Level I and start struggling with the Advanced Questions.

I bet none of my former students feel that way.

I suggest that you go on a fast track revision on all the 18 study sessions… and revise carefully your weak areas… Good Luck… & don’t give up :slight_smile:

hey, just started using the forum so clueless about your students? can you elaborate some more? (my fingers are crossed hoping you’ll have a one-on-one revision plan for me, differences in timing nothwithstanding…). i have made good progress in 3 days though, nothing like pressure…and schweser really helps.

i;ve taken a peak at Qbank questions…good idea when tired of reading through material too. will definitely go through as many as i can