level 1-june, singapore

Hi Anyone from Singapore taking level 1 in June interested in forming a study group?

Hi Rutta, I’m interested to form a study group. Please contact me at sctham@gmail.com. Cheers, Suzanne

yup i’ve emailed you. incase u dont find it in the inbox check your junk coz it is a company name email. cya!

hi rutta and suzanne… am also taking june 2008 level exams…and also interested in study group. am actually finishing volume1. email me at meganaden@hotmail.com appreciate…thanks! meganaden

check email. we’re meeting on monday at capital tower, 12 noon for lunch. so see if you can pop by that time. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am from singapore too, and i am interested to form a study group too. Please email me at ka_ashwin@hotmail.com Ashwin.