Level 1 only? Thoughts

1st year IBD with PE aims in 5/6 years, is the full charter going to overly help or level 1 look good alone? Thoughts

The only comment I can make confidently is that having L1 alone isn’t likely to do anything for you.

I read from another topic saying only less 10% end up completing all three levels. I think you should not go for the CFA program if you intend to stop at level one. I agree with Black8Mamba23, L1 alone isnt going to do much. You either climb the mountain or leave the mountain.

level 1 is just an intro. it’s still useful, but won’t open any doors career-wise. There are literally hundreds of thousands of level 1 passers - some are still in college.

I don’t know if a charter is going to “overly help”, I think it DOES help your knowledge and perception from your peers, but to what degree it varies from country to country, industry to industry, company to company…

But having passed level 1 i think it doesn’t quite change much and it only does if the job actually requires new employees to be at least a CFA candidate, in which case the company will likely ask you to complete the program once you get the job.