Level 1 past papers

Does anyone know how/where to get L1 past papers.

I second that…are they available on the CFA website? Do you have to pay for them? What about previous Schweser exams?

im wondering how useful they are compared to qbank? I‚‹‚Ž‚‚—@‚‘@‚‚‚‚Ž‚‹@‚‰‚“@‚„‚…‚†‚‰‚Ž‚‰‚”‚…‚Œ‚™@‚Œ‚…‚“‚“@‚•‚“‚…‚†‚•‚Œ@‚”‚ˆ‚‚Ž@‚b‚e‚`@‚’‚…‚‚Œ@‚”‚‰‚‚…@‚…‚˜‚‚‚“@‚‚‚…‚†‚‚’‚…@‚…‚˜‚‚@‚„‚‚™D‚‚@‚‰@‚’‚‰‚‡‚ˆ‚”H

Schweser is good and i’ve heard that they are much more tougher than the actual examination. It’s good to do tougher questions, but I think CFA past papers will give us a better idea on the actual examination standard. Also, it is said that about 10% of questions could be repeated. Anyone who could hepl us in this…? They are not in CFA website.

There is no such thing as past yr papers…only practice qns which similar and likely to come out can be found it Schweser Q-bank and Stalla Passmaster. The former is easier though i think. And of course the famous Book 6 from Schweser which is tooo quantitative than the actual paper. You can however purchase sample qns from the website ard Apr/May. This qns are the closest you can get to the CFAI paper but they can burn a hole in your pocket. But they are worth buying as some exact qns do come out for the paper. :slight_smile:

Your best bet would be to drop $250 on 5x60q CFAI sample exams when this option becomes available.

Get past L1 exam samples at http://sreenimeka.com Goodluck

on that website when you click on the sample papers link…it shows error. does not open.

It was security bug. Try it again.

Thanks smeka23. I was able to open and view the sample exam questions. Looks like some of the questions repeat each year, but still a great source of review/practice questions. The answer with references to old texts are included at the end of each exam.

it is just 98~03 sample exam. anyone has after 03 sample exams?