Level 1 Professional Standards and Ethics preparation

Hi All,

How do you guys approach for the preparation of Ethics section. I am complete from non-finance background and I gave Sept 2017 exam and was failed. I did average in rest section but only Ethics was weaker and ethics has like more than 20% impact and that affected my results, I did read the handbook once and also practiced ethics question from the uppermark Qbank, and I was getting 80% correct result, however in actual exam ethics only took long time and still got weaker score.

Can anyone share how do you guys approach, any tips so that i can follow, do you read the book more than once for ethics?

Keep practicing the questions. If you are getting 80% plus you might just need a bit of luck the next time round

You don’t have to read the handbook cover-to-cover, but do read through the examples. The examples in the handbook are more similar to the exam questions. And yes - practice questions questions questions. Can never practice too many questions in ethics!

Thanks guys, I will put more time to study ethics this time

Hi all,

just started preparing for level I fall exam. I started with the ethics and worked with uppermark. I did all the questions in the qbank and always got results around 73% until I knew all questions and than I scored obviously closed to 100%

But since that not realistic, can give any advice how i can approve the real 73% results?

Ethics is really tricky and the best solution is practice as many question as possible. you did solve most of the questions but I would suggest practice like minimum 100 questions 2, 3 days before exam in that way you will get used to it and in exam you can relate those. you can even practice CFA L1 ethics questions if you get online its same. Good luck

practice, practice & practice. I would encourage you to know the big picture, each standards and each subcategory. And then know a few bullet points and what kind of procedure should be put in place for each of them. Then you shall pass carefree.

Good luck !

Thanks everyone for your advice.