Level 1 Re-Take

I failed band 10 in December. I am looking to enroll right now for the June exam. I know I don’t have to pay the enrollment fee again so does that mean I will receive the 2011 textbooks by paying just the exam registration fee? Please respond if you have done this as I would like to register this week to save some $$. Thanks

Yes you will receive the 2011 textbooks as there are some changes to the curriculum, so you pay for those plus the exam fee, c. $750. Log-in on the CFA website and select the June 2011 exam, it works it all out for you automatically. If you used Schweser before and want to use it again I think they give you a 40% discount. Hope this helps!

you can opt for the ebook too - that will save some more. i have all the books - dont need all the texts cluttering my space - i am hoping the ebooks will suffice for the change in text.