Level 1 results..See if this method works for u!

I read a good thread that described it. I’ll try to find it. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,1179650 Found it: “Re: Registration Opened? Posted by: june2009 (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: July 15, 2010 08:02AM This was the process from 2 years ago as i understand it. I don’t think it applied last year when we were waiting for L1 results… For starters, if you go to cfainstitute.org and sign in (or click the monstrous link at the bottom of this email) you will see your candidate home page. It has five major sections with a variety of links under each section. The sections are “Profile, CFA Program, CIPM Program, Membership, Customer Service”. Under the CFA Program section, the first link for you should read “Register for Level X Exam” or something to that effect. The rest of the discussion will center around this link. In prior years when CFAi would update everyone’s accounts their IT people would do a staged rollout. Basically the weekend before (usually the Saturday before) they would go through the candidates accounts in sections and update their links prior to publically announcing their grades. After completing the update process later that evening, the IT people would use a function to essentially hide the link I referred to above so that on results day they could simply “unhide” those links and all would be revealed. So the time in which you could figure out results was limited to that transitory window after the links had been updated and before they were hidden. If you click on the link I referred to above, you will be taken to a screen with a series of checked boxes. The last checked box in that list reads “Level X CFA Examination Registration” or something to that effect. As long as that box is still checked (referring to the exam you just took), your account has not yet been updated. If the box is unchecked, then your account has been updated. So the possilities are as follows: 1.) If the link reads “Register for Level II CFA Exam” you can be reasonably sure that your account has been updated and you have passed. 2.) If the link reads “Register for Level I CFA Exam” and clicking on it reveals the last box in the list is unchecked, then your account has been updated and you have failed. 3.) If the link reads “Register for Level I CFA Exam” and clicking on it indicates that the final box in the list is checked, then your account has not yet been updated and you are unsure. The timing is the hardest thing to catch as you only have a few hours. Typically it’s easiest just to keep an eye on analystforum.com and wait for someone to point it out, they seem to catch it most years. It has worked for me each year and I’ve never heard of a case in which the results were contradictory. I’ve heard rumor that they may have altered their process this year (2009 L1 results) to avoid leaking the information.”

I checked my Level 1 result the way this person described…it showed ‘Record Selected’ instead of a ‘Check’ But when I clicked on it again, it showed a ‘Check’ sign Also wen I clicked on ‘Purchase curriculum’ on the main menu, it showed an option for e-book purchase for level 1 dec 2010. But wen I refreshed it, it showed nothing… im guessing I failed:S

Mine still has a final check. I think the CFA Institute knows about this by now. They probably have set up timers whereby the profiles are updated the moment results come out.

I read somewhere that registration will be closed from the 23rd. That should be when the results are put into their system. I know its hard but try to relax. i am more relaxed this time than last time.

Ok this is how ull determine whether uv passed or not… Go to ur account and click on purchase my curriculum…if ur getting an option of ‘Level 1 ebook curriculum December 2010’ then uv failed, if this option is not showing ur pass… This is what im getting so i failed for sure! Curriculum Name Select Level I eBook Curriculum December 2010 Select Return to Account Home