Level 1 review?

Hi, passed L1 in June '09 and planning to register for LII this yr. I don’t work directly in financial markets, would like to again someday, so needless to say most L1 material has become distant memory, more specifically formulas. Econ/Finance background so can grasp most concepts relatively quickly. Journey towards L2 begins this week. Any input on how much time I should spend reviewing L1 material is appreciated, thanks. Plan to use Schweser for L2 first read through, then supplement with CFA text for more concentrated areas. John

Don’t waste your time reviewing Level 1 except for maybe a quick review of your notes or something. There’s a lot of overlap, and a lot will come back to you as you go through Level II. I think your time would be better spent moving through the Level II material (there’s plenty there).

Agree, maybe on specific thing syou might want to open the book (for example, hypothesis testing) but only when you can’t remember somethign specific… there’s a lot of new material on L2 so don’t even bother…you’ll have enough fun

I think it’s a good idea to periodically go over all the ratios you learned at L1 while studying for L2. You have to be prepared to be tested on any and all of them, including ones not on the list at the beginning of the FRA book.

to be fair, the really obscure ratios and also more complicated ones are unlikely to come up. I think interest coverage ratios have a good shot of showing up tho