Level 1 - Saturday USC/CFALA CFA® Review Program

Has anyone attended the "Level 1 - Saturday USC/CFALA CFA® Review Program " If so can you please let us know what your experience, pros/cons, conclusion? It would mean a great deal! Thanks, in advanced. Cheers -E

I attended it for L1. I loved it. Only missed one or two classes. Some of the professors are awesome, some are so-so. The guy for accounting was the best though - really funny! The best thing of course was that I met a lot of great people, and it kept me on track for my study schedule. Totally well worth the money. I’m just waiting for L1 results to come out before dropping the cash on their L2 review program.

I was there last year for L1. It is useful if and only if you have done the reading BEFORE each class. It is a power point marathon and only really good for review, not learning the material.

Agreed ^ It is a long day, but the prepared students will be well-rewarded. I found it especially helpful when I covered material on my own and had issues. Then I was able to ask specific questions. If you are just learning for the first time, you’re going to be too busy taking notes and learning it for the first time to be truly engaged. If you are forced to prep for the class (and do so), you will pass the exam.

i found it very helpful in that it keeps you on track. the practice test for level 1 is fantastic, the best i saw by far. the practice test sucks for level 2. it also includes schweser which is nice. the ethics guy stinks, the accounting guy is fanstastic, economics ok, and the quant guy isn’t too good.

Crap! I should have signed up for the whole thing! I only signed up for the accounting but I guess, from what you guys are saying, its prob. the most for your money; I paid 150 for the 2 day accounting basics. We’ll see how that goes, by the way, any advice?