Level 1 Study Order

I don’t know if there is any topic on this or not. I wanna ask everyone what is your efficient study order of level 1, which one should study first and last, and brief explanation would be good enough for me. Thank guys

If I was to do Level 1 again I would read it all in the proper order. After that ignore ethics and FSA for a while, and study the hek out of everything else. (the purpose of reading them the first time is to know what you are up against) Towards the end you study ethics and FSA heavily (lot of memorization so if you do them early you waste time) Then you wrap it all up with a review… Schweser is magic for level 1…got great than 70 on all topics At one point was going crazy with CFA books, you get good base with them, but not very exam orriented. Understand CFA books well, and move on to Schweser for retention