Level 1 study schedule?

Hi All, I just registered for the CFA level 1 in December. I was hoping if I you guys could help me get started with charting out a schedule that helped you guys during your preparation. Since its 170 days left and I will receive my books by the 22nd. I want to get started and with a proper study plan asap. I appreciate your help!

L2 Candidate here. I got through L1 with approximately 1 Study Session per week for 18 weeks and review for about 4. When you’re going through the material, ensure that know the concepts & work the problems. You’ll probably need a few weeks to relearn everything, but fortunately, it’s easier to relearn something than to learn it initially. Make sure that during that last month or two (or whenever you finish the material) that you taking practice/mock exams. The CFAI Website will have some available, which are pretty equivalent to the types of questions you’ll see on the actual exam (both in trickiness and difficulty). Or at least, that’s the way it was for L1 (L2 seemed a little different). Good luck.