Level 1 Test Format Question

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the quick stupid question which I probably know the answer to, but anyways… Is the actual test format the same as schweser and cfai mocks, where all topics are grouped together? I like bouncing around from section to section (especially by breaking ethics into small manageable bites of 4 questions at a time), so I just wanted to make sure my test taking strategy will work on the test.

Thanks in advance!

The questions are grouped by concept (i.e. #s 1-18 are Ethics, 19-32 are QM, and so on). I usually tell my students to do them “out of order” in teh sense that they should go to the sections where they’re most comfortable first.

However, this results in an increased possibility that you might enter things in the wrong boxes (or miss a question all together). In your case (jumping around), that risk becomes even greater.

Hey busprof,

Thanks for the response! But in theory would I be able to just circle all the answers in the booklet in whatever order I want, and in the last 20 minutes when I’m sure I didn’t skip any questions, transcribe all of that into bubbles on the answer sheet?


You could do that, but if you don’t reserve those minutes for filling in the 120 bubbles (per session) you could end up short on time and not able to complete the entire form. What I mean is that circling the answers in the question booklet gives you a perceived time advantage that you will need to use up at the end.

I’d advise against that strategy. It’s too easy to lose track of time, and when transcribing a lot of questions at once, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Particularly if you’re under time stress.

I’d recommend filling them in as you go.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the responses, and don’t worry I wont be following that strategy haha. I was just stating a hypothetical case, I will most likely be doing a section at a time in a chosen order, and after circling answers in 1 section immediately bubbling the few in a row that I did.