Level 1 Withdrawal option

Hi All, I’ve registered for the Level 1 for Dec 2007, but I won’t be taking the test. Was wondering whether it is better to ‘withdraw’ from the test in that case? I don’t intend to take the Level 1 next June yet, so I don’t really see an advantage of withdrawing. My concern, however, is that if i do take the test at some later date, my previous record will also be reflected - and the status will be ‘failed’ if i don’t withdraw vs ‘withdrawn / not appeared’ if i do withdraw. is this a correct understanding? Appreciate it if someone could kindly give me some advice on this. Thanks guys…! :slight_smile:

Relax Sandeepsg, There is no previous record to worry about as cfai does not release the results to public. As you have paid for it you might as well attempt it for the experience if nothing else.

Thanks arakhanna - in that case, i’ll take your advice and attempt the test! :slight_smile:

Always take the test!! You will be that much ahead of the rest when you retake the exam.

yeah, and you help bring down the pass rate for the poor schmucks like ourselves who have studied and may be borderline.

halifax, i thought you already did your level 2.

I did. there once was a time when I was in L1 when I wanted these people to go and write! I doubt many people in L3 will be thinking of not showing though for us frank.