Level 2 2009

Hi, Congrats to everyone who just passed L1. Does anyone know when registration opens for the June 2009 exams? Cafefloris

about august 2008

Thanks! I’m not able to sit L2 this June and wanted to know how long I need to wait until I can call myself a Level 2 candidate… my interpretation of the code and standards is that we can’t do that until we’re enrolled to sit the exam. I assume that’s correct?? thanks again

That was my interpretation as well.

Thanks. I’m new to ‘analystforum’ - very impressed with the calibre of people and the speed of response. Good studies

For those of us starting now for L1 in December, can you please advise on preparing for L2 in June 2009? (Assuming we work hard and pass, of course.) I’m getting married the same weekend in June so L1 in June is out of the question. How much “new information” is in Level 2?

sure. My advice is to pass Level 1 - that will definitely put you on your way to preparing for L2.

Sorry, I’m just bitter. It’s been a long week…and it’s only wednesday. I’m in the process of getting through schweser notes for Level 2 and what I have found is that a lot of the material is a continuation of Level 1. Goodluck.

There is a lot of new material on level2, as a hint, 40% of people who sit for level 1 pass. Then, only 40% of people who seat for Level 2 pass (that makes it for 16% of people who sat for level 1 passes level2). That numbers should clarify the idea that you MUST study a lot more after passing level 1 in order to pass the level 2. Definitely, having study for level 1 should put you in advantage compared to people who has not sat for level 1. HOwever, since everybody that will be sitting for L2 has passed the previous level, that advantage is gone. Only 40% of us will make it (at least in the next try) so you better study a lot if don’t want to be on the other 60% Good luck !!! (Hope that people who blog here is actually a biased sample and that we will achieve a better than 40% pass ratio, or maybe we blog to much and that makes us a biased down sample… hard to tell)

^^^Hopefully you realize the probabilities are not independent.