Level 2 - 2020 - Midtown NYC

Study group in corporate office Manhattan midtown after working hours. Thinking of starting early Mid September, 6:00-10:00, however come and leave when you can.

Group objectives and goals:

  1. Go over curriculum practice questions and blue/gray curriculum text.

  2. meet other professionals going through the same challenges as you do

  3. Force you to sit down at least once a week and study/practice for four hours.

  4. Multiple times mock tests starting 6-8 weekends before the exam.

  5. Help, motivate, support, and push each other to succeed, and most importantly, try to have fun.

If interested, send me your email/phone number.

Hi ebitansky,

I’m interested in forming a study group and sharing resources. How can I contact you? I’m starting mid Oct. 47th and park ave.

Thank you!

Hello I am also interested. I just started studying how can I contact you as well?

contact me please at eyal@bitansky.com