Level 2 Advice

Hey fellas, hope all your hard work will pay off next week. I had a question that I was hoping some of you guys can shed some light on. I am taking the level 2 exam and just wanted to know if my past scores would be a decent if not a “good” gauge of the actual exam. I have read the CFA books, but use Schweser Q-bank and question books. I am averaging middle to high 80’s in the Q bank and low to middle 80’s on the exams in the volume 6 and 7 books. I also took an exam offered by my local CFA society and scored an 82. I don’t want to sound too cocky, but even with my scores I still feel apprehensive going into the exam. From your experience would you say the actual exam is harder/easier than Schweser exams? Should I relax a little with my scores? Thanks a lot in advance for any guys that will respond. Good luck to you all and I hope to take your spot in the level 3 forum come next June.

With those scores you should be fine. I thought the actual exam was easier than schweser test but don’t take that too lightly. Given all of the stress you’re under that day, it’s easy to miss those little tidbits of information in the vignettes that will be critical to get the right answer. You’ve got another 8 days or so. Keep at it and I’m sure you do fine.

Agreed, but keep refreshing concepts to the end.

Thanks for your input Flames and Big…I will continue pushing another 8 miserable days and then hope to blackout that night and forget my months of studying. Good luck to you both!

Nice scores! the exam was as I expected except for one question - don’t remember exactly, but something with lease arrangements… and remember about ETHICS … oh ethics ethics