Level 2 Africa virtual study group

I realise that, except perhaps for South Africa, there are not as many CFA students in most African countries. I am calling on all colleagues looking forward to passing Level 2 in June 2010 to join hands with me in forming a ‘virtual study group’ in which we compare notes and share ideas to keep each other on course. For example, l think we must have purchased our study materials already and need to start now to avoid the usual ‘staring late’ syndrom. Any takers? I am based in Tunisia.

I am with you ,still didnt buy the study materials ,waiting for the arrival of the CFAI Books

By the way am from Egypt

My CFAI materials arrived nearly a month ago and l have started on Quantz already. I would be really happy if l can finish Book 1 by end of October. I also ordered Schweser materials but they are not due for delivery until October. I think we need to start strongly to have less pressure later on. How about finishing 3 out of 6 books by 31 December 2009 and finishing entire first reading by end of March? We would then have sufficient time to come back and relook at the tough areas. If you wish, we can agree our ‘contracts’ to finish within deadlines so that we keep the discipline. What do you think?

Please contact me at ahmedosama4@hotmail.com