level 2, band 7

level 2, band 7 In your opinion, how many more questions would I have needed to answer correctly in order to have passed?

^no one could posisbly know that cause noone knows what is the MPS but I am gona toss some assumptions at you… CFA sais “score bands” so I assume by that they meen, band 10 does not contain the top 10% of people who failed, but rather the people in the top 10% of the failing range Based on the above assumption, and assuming an MPS of 70 since it is unlikely you would get a score report saying >70 on all topics yet you failed… you score would have been bettwen 42 and 49 meening you would have needed bettwen 21 and 28 more correct questions… if the mps is 60, you would be in the 36-42 score range needing bettwen 18-24 more correct question what to take from the above? forget the math, noone will ever get you the correct number, but the point is in theory you are far from passing… WORK HARD