Level 2 CAIA


Just sat Level II CFA and I’m totally exhausted from studying. I sat CAIA Level 1 last year and passed and am considering doing Level 2 CAIA in September. Can I finish the readings in 6 weeks + 1 full week off work study leave? Take into consideration that I’ve covered CFA Level 2 - is there much overlap apart from ethics (10% in written section). it took me about 2 months relaxed to cover CAIA Level 1 and passed ok.

This question has been addressed many times in the previous topics.

I suggest you review them.

I studied 149 hours for CAIA Level 2 and passed with 5 high’s and 3 outstandings, so I think you have time.

It worked for me, so it’s possible. For CAIA L1 and L2, I didn’t sign up until I found out whether I had passed CFA L1 and L2 in successive years. It was a busy six weeks though!

thanks guys

ATH, CFA L1 and L2 results come out at the end of July…if I remember correctly the deadline for the CAIA September exams was in May…was this different in previous years?

no deadline for CAIA is end of July i think. first cut off is may

taking this month off then to hit it hard like a mofo for L2


Ahh trogulj you’re right…I always thought of the first cutoff as the deadline because my company will only reimburse the earliest deadline i.e. the cheapest amount.

getting ready for this thing

got my books today