Level 2 candidate looking for jobs or paid internships in DC area

Hi everyone, I am a MBA graduate from Northeastern University in Boston and a level 2 candidate. I am looking for jobs or paid internships around DC area. I have about one year investment experience and 2 year pre- MBA experience. I am very good at financial statement analysis, financial modeling and Bloomberg. I am open to opportunities in finance and investments. I could be reached at nguyen.vi@neu.edu .Thanks everyone & Good luck on your studies.

I have an opening at my company. We are looking for a MBA grad…preferably a L2 candidate who really knows FSA. Job pays 250k/yr. cmon - leave the L2 board and go to monster.com… wrong place…wrong time. Seriously…what are the chances someone us going to give you a lead here?? Slim to none…hit the streets…put your time in like everyone else and dont waste the 14 seconds of my life that I spent reading that dumbass post that isnt relavant to L2. clean it the f* up

wow, good at bloomberg? that must have taken you years of hard work to achieve