Level 2 candidate looking for jobs or paid internships in DC area

Hi everyone, I am a MBA graduate from Northeastern University in Boston and a level 2 candidate. I am looking for jobs or paid internships around DC area. I have about one year investment experience and 2 year pre- MBA experience. I am very good at financial statement analysis, financial modeling and Bloomberg. I am open to opportunities in finance and investments. I could be reached at nguyen.vi@neu.edu .Thanks everyone & Good luck on your studies.

I’m not gonna lie–you will be hard pressed to find any finance jobs in the DC area. It could take many many months (or even years). Now, if you want to work in real estate, accounting, IT, or in government contracting then that’s a different story. If you want to work in finance, then my best advice is to find another town. It won’t be impossible, but it sure as heck won’t be easy.

Try Baltimore shops - Stifel Nicolaus, Ferris Baker Watts, Legg Mason, Alex Brown, etc.

Thanks mcthorp for the advice. I will check it out. I will move to DC soon because my fiancee is there. I am interested in any job/internship where I can utilize my analytical skills. I am also open to non-finance jobs such as consulting, business analysis and development. I will very appreciate advices from your guys.